The Ethereal Combination Of Bejewelled Butterflies And Pearls!

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hairstylehairdohaircut or coiffure refers to the styling of hair, usually on the human head but sometimes on the face or body. The fashioning of hair can be considered an aspect of, although practical, cultural, and popular considerations also influence some hairstyles.

The oldest known depiction of hair styling is hair  which dates back about 30,000 years. Women’s hair was often elaborately and carefully dressed in special ways, though it was also often kept covered outside the home, especially for married women.

Diamonds Are Forever!


Let’s get the caveats out of the way first. Judged against the usual checklist of  Diamonds Are Forever is not a great James Bond movie. Sean Connery’s last official outing as 007 lacks the radioactive virility of his first three assignments. Nor, for that matter, does it possess the playful snap and panache of the first three Roger Moore vehicles that followed. Diamonds is the Bond series’ unlucky number seven: punch-drunk and paunchy, wanton and woozy. I think it may be my favourite.

Connery thought he was out but the studio pulled him back in – offering a then-unheard sum of £1.25m (equivalent to £20m today) to re-engage the actor’s services and thereby salvage a stuttering franchise. And yet Connery clearly does not want to be there. He shuffles through the motions like some ageing heavyweight show boater, flirting with disaster, his toupee slipping. When Bond is not fighting for his life and banging his he’s being kicked to hell by a pair of self-regarding girl acrobats in the Nevada desert. He’s knackered, out of shape, halfway through the exit door. Legend has it that the very last scene Connery actually filmed was the one at the crematorium, in which Bond is knocked senseless, dropped inside a coffin and pushed towards the flames.

But the genius (intentional or otherwise) of Diamonds Are Forever is in the way it takes its lead from Connery’s bruised, jaundiced performance. The later Roger Moore missions (Octopussy, made the mistake of variously disguising or compensating for Bond’s advancing decrepitude and wound up looking ludicrous. Diamonds, by contrast, matches the star’s tone and tempo quite beautifully.

A Breathtaking Braid In Pearls


Among all the accessories you can use to adorn your bridal hairstyle, stand out for their classy and svelte appeal. This is precisely why more and more brides are rocking pearl-adorned hairstyles for their wedding revelries. Pearl are having a major moment and have us absolutely awestruck at the moment!

Well, big thanks to the impeccably talented  who incessantly illuminate our Instagram feeds with nouveau bridal hairstyles featuring pretty pearls. Whether you want your tresses to flow down in all their glory or tie them up in a bun or a braid – you can add the charm of pearls to your bridal hair in ways more than one. And of course, you can choose to use the pearls minimally or go maximal with them – either way, we have you covered. Scroll through the showreel of the best bridal hairstyles with pearls that we have created for you!

Best Pearl Hairstyles For Brides

Pearl Bridal Buns

A HAIR is the most preferred choice among brides when it comes to the wedding day! But if you are looking for something beyond floral bun, we got your back. Pearls are what you need to accessorise your hair with! Even if you scatter a few dainty pearls here & there on your bridal bun, you’ll witness the charm they add. You can also wrap the bun with pearl strings and add a dose of sophisticated drama! Check out these pictures we have scouted for you:



Were you under the age of 10, the last time you wore braids in your hair? Braids aren’t just for little girls or fairy tale princesses. Whether you have a short bob or long hair that falls past your shoulders, you can find a braid that will fit your style and personality. Get creative, have a little fun and play around with braids in your hair.

Braided hair can be practical when working out in the garden or add a little sophistication to a dinner party or a wedding. Love flowers or ribbons? You can always accessorize with a braided hairstyle, too. A bonus about braids? When you take your braids out, you’ll have wavy, “beachy” hair (which is another great hairstyle).

he oldest known reproduction of hair braiding may go back about 30,000 years: the now known in  as the Woman of is a female  estimated to have been made between about 28,000 and 25,000 It has been disputed whether or not she wears braided hair or some sort of a woven basket on her head. Theis estimated to be about 25,000 years old and ostensibly shows a braided hairstyle.

Another sample of a different origin was traced back to a burial site called  located on the , during the first dynasty of  although the Venus’ of Brassempouy and Willendorf predate these examples by some 25,000-30,000 years.


The Bob” is a quintessential haircut that looks good on every woman regardless of her hair texture or color. The Bob hairstyle can have straight and classic lines, or it can be inverted with many angles. Bobs can be short or long, and they are a perfect look for every day and sophisticated for fancier events. Never had a bob haircut? Maybe it’s time.

While the bob haircut is is usually all one layer, you can have it layered to had a little volume and dimension to your hairstyle.

What is a bob haircut?

From the to the “lob,” there are so many takes on the bob cut, it’s hard to keep up. So what exactly is a bob if there are so many lengths and styles? Generally speaking, a bob is a short hairstyle cut at the neckline, typically going along the jawline, says hairstylist In more recent years, however, the bob haircut has evolved, and many stylists consider the shoulder-length  to fall within the bob category as well.

There is no one “best” length for a bob, since what looks good primarily depends on your own personal taste. “Bobs vary in length and can be longer depending on the desired look,” Cabbott says. “Deciding whether you want a more chic style or something that you’re able to play around with and style differently from day to day can help you determine what length to cut your bob.”


Modern bob haircuts feature a couple of innovations which upgrade bob hairstyles to the level of up-to-the-minute looks you’ll rock with pleasure this season. Shaggy bob haircuts and layered bob hairstyles are among the absolute favorites. Here you’ll be able to find both perfect solutions of bob hairstyles for thick hair and flattering bob haircuts for fine hair. A right-chosen curly bob hairstyle will make your day and fix the annoying issues with disobedient curls. The same is relevant to bob haircuts for black women. View the gallery of selected A-line bob hairstyles, pin the most inspiring examples and elaborate your unique inimitable image!



Going for the makeup style that appears fresh, and hydrated with bright flushed cheeks that don’t look greasy?

The name for that is the dewy glow makeup look. 

This lies in between the no-makeup makeup look and the full-face makeup look. On social media platforms, zoomers also refer to this as the “clean girl look” or the “clean girl aesthetic.”

Before applying your makeup, make sure to load up on some moisturizer to leave a healthy glow on your skin.

Next, apply your lightweight and illuminating foundation such as the  and cover any imperfection with a cream-based concealer. 

To get that flushed look, apply a pop of shimmery blush on the apples of your cheeks and blend well. Also, don’t forget to apply lip gloss for a juicy-lip finish.



Start With a Matte Primer (Yes, Really!)

It may sound counterintuitive, but prepping your skin with a matte  instead of an illuminating one is key for creating the perfect canvas for a glowing, non-greasy look.  will create a smooth base for makeup and prevent excess shine from cramping your radiant style. This mattifying, salicylic-acid infused primer controls shine and ensures that makeup will last for hours while rebalancing oily skin with continued use over time. 
If you decide to skip face makeup altogether, we recommend going with the 


Apply Your Foundation

Once you’ve prepped your base, it’s time to get dewy. Grab an illuminating, lightweight foundation like the and apply it to your face using a damp beauty sponge. This will allow the makeup to go on lightly and smoothly. If you need to cover any spots or blemishes, use a cream concealer and blend well into the skin.


Add Some Blush

When going for natural, luminous skin, there are two things to keep in mind with blush: Don’t go overboard and blend well. For a naturally flushed look, we recommend using a shimmer-flecked peach shade like the  and applying it just to the apples of your cheeks.


Swipe on Some Ultra-Shiny Lip Gloss

Top off your look with a glossy lip. Just a few swipes of the will give you a lasting, juicy-lipped finish.



You already know what full-glam makeup looks like: carved-out brows (aka the IG brow), graphic eyeliner, multicolored eyeshadow, lots of glitter, and blinding highlighter. But when we talk about soft glam makeup, we’re talking about glowing skin, brushed-through brows, diffused eyeshadow, and a natural, neutral lip. 


Step 1 – Add Some Shimmer

After priming your eyes, apply a shimmery glitter to your eyelids. Blend away!

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How do you do soft glam makeup?

Harsh lines are the antithesis of soft, diffused makeup, so the key to soft glam makeup is lots of blending, swirling, and buffing —but you also gotta have the right tools and formulas.

What makeup products do you need for a makeup look?

Your face makeup products are essential for this look. This face palette holds three products that are perfect to create that gorgeous base. With a matte blush, a shimmery highlighter, and a contour powder, this palette meets all your needs.

Matte Makeup


Matte makeup is a type of makeup that is designed to give the skin a matte finish. People with dry or sensitive skin often use this type of makeup because it contains no oil or mineral oils, which can aggravate the condition.


Matte makeup is a type of makeup that is designed to give the skin a matte finish. It is different from other types of makeup because it has no shine or shimmer. Matte makeup can create a more natural look or hide any imperfections on the skin.


Matte makeup is a type of makeup that is designed to look more natural and less glossy. It is often used by women who want a more polished look but are not interested in using foundation or other types of heavy makeup. Matte makeup can be applied with brushes or sponges, and it usually requires less product than other types of makeup.

The benefits of matte makeup

Some of the benefits of using matte makeup include the following:

• It can provide coverage for areas of the skin that need it.

• It can help to reduce the visibility of pores and blemishes.

• It can create a more even-toned complexion.

• It can make your skin look softer and smoother.




HD or high definition makeup has been a familiar term for some time and you may have heard about it while watching a YouTube tutorial or maybe at beauty or cosmetic store. This makeup technique is an application technique of materials which enhance your best features while concealing your flaws against the amount of texture and volume that can be captured by today’s videographers. Though we all love those life-like pictures, the drawback of these technologies is that they are too clear, so much so, it’s almost impossible to hide blemishes, wrinkles, makeup breakouts on camera. It’s all visible on the screen and believe us, it does not look nice.


How? With the use of light-scattering and light-reflective particles, the makeup helps to diffuse the focus from your flaws, like in the case of a TV presenter, artist or video artist. This replaces the need for conventional, heavily caked makeup, which would be applied layer by layer and help get a more natural look.

HD makeup is as sheer and as natural as a makeup technique can get. It perfectly manages to even out skin tones and has now gone beyond the reach of select, celebrity makeup artists.

“These days all brides ask for HD makeup and we even suggest them to go for it. You know, with 4K technology, now even in phones, the unbelievable clarity makes it difficult for us makeup artists to cover up the marks and even out skin tones. Every bride wants to look pretty. Wedding pictures come in later and no one wants to get disappointed looking at themselves, right? You won’t believe but even wedding guests ask for HD makeup now,” explained Suhana, a makeup artist.

Here are the advantages for HD Makeup as your choice in Bridal makeup

Kind of products

Finely milled powders, though many products claim to be good for high HD or ultra HD. So, credits are also due to the bridal makeup artist applying the makeup. There are still products from Makeup For Ever and Smashbox if you ever wish to get some for home.

Fine cover for blemishes

As discussed above, HD makeup provides a fine, sheen cover that would hide any signs of acne or facial blemishes, especially if they’re being filmed by an HD camera,

Silicon light-reflecting particles

The silicon, light-reflecting particles are also used for a mattifying effect.

More ‘natural’ makeup look

Vis a vis heavy makeup options (something we have discussed in Bridal Makeup), this makeup technique helps you get a more natural effect.

Though, there’s a trick. If you just go ahead and simply use these HD products whichever way you like, you went achieve the desired, picture-perfect look we are talking about. The key is how to use these products perfectly, with assistance and then you can create a high definition look.